Sketch Restaurant
Sketch Restaurant
Project Details

Name of Project: 
Sketch Restaurant
Lighting Design: Martin Creed
Fittings Used on Project


Avant Garde


FL 1000 B-1

Press Release

London’s iconic Sketch restaurant in Conduit Street has recently been remodelled by Turner Prize winner Martin Creed. As part of the renovation, Roblon Fibre Optics supplied by Light Projects, has been dramatically used to light the front of the bar in the Gallery area.

The innovative lighting, used to transform the bar into an art installation, was achieved using Roblon’s new LED fibre optic projectors coupled with Avant-Garde end points in a random focus as per the artist’s brief. 

This latest range of projectors use LED light sources which offer the same light output as traditional light sources but for 75% less power consumption. It makes them a perfect choice for new and retrofit installations where energy-efficient light sources are required together with a long lamp life (ranging from 35,000 to 50,000 hours). The projectors are also ideal for locations where the preference is for quiet operation or where little or no heat needs to be generated. 

The Avant-Garde fittings are designed to be discreet and to blend in with their background to minimise distraction. Totally flexible and versatile, they feature 360
o adjustable fittings with glare-free lenses which can be focused, tilted and locked off from the front of the fitting without the need for tools. The range is available in three sizes, to fit fibre optic tails from 2-10mm, and in several finishes, including black, white, grey, chrome and antique bronze.

The unique flexibility of fibre optics systems makes them the ideal choice for projects which require special effects, such as multiple light points, shifting colours, sparkling or directed light, and for the light-framing of pictures, paintings or information tables.