Rugby School Chapel
Rugby School Chapel
Project Details

Name of Project: 
Rugby School Chapel
Rugby, Warwickshire
Lighting Design:
DPA Lighting Consultants
Fittings Used on Project

Window Reveal 4


Toucan 2

Press Release

A stunning lighting scheme has been completed by dpa lighting consultants for Rugby School Chapel. The lighting scheme followed on a £500,000 project to repair the ornate ceiling of this Grade 1 listed Victorian Gothic building. 

A range of lighting fittings from Light Projects have been used throughout the interior. These include powerful but small and discreet Window Reveals on the inside edges of the windows and well as Mini Minor fittings with integral cowls to light up the arches and stonework. In addition, larger Toucan fittings on vertical tracks have been installed to highlight the altar.

Light Projects has a long history of supplying different types of lighting for places of worship. These have been uniquely designed to provide powerful and effective illumination based on small and subtle fittings so as to not to detract from the aesthetic beauty of their location. The Mini Minor and Window Reveals in particular are commonly used for uplighting and for picking out interesting architectural details. 

The range of lamps used in Rugby School include MR16-CMH 35 watt 25° flood, MR16 35W 12 10° narrow spot and 35w BriteSpot lamps. Each fitting is available with its own specialist range of accessories to complement different lighting tasks. These can include coloured and frosted lenses, dichroic filters, eggcrate louvres, scrims and cowls.